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Purewater Window Cleaning

Waterfed Window Cleaning Explained

Laboratory grade pure water is the end product of a purification process called reverse osmosis. This involves mains water being forced under pressure (80 – 100 psi) through a set of pre-filters then along into one large commercial 40/40 r/o membrane to produce water measuring around 010 parts per million (ppm) the final process using de-ionisation resin polishes off the whole process and brings the water down to 000 parts per million ensuring 100% pure water.


How does pure water leave windows streak, smear and spot free?

The end product of the reverse osmosis process is water that has been completely stripped of all-natural minerals commonly found in mains water, including any additives that may have been added during the water treatment process.

Reverse osmosis water acts as a natural and eco-friendly cleaning agent. With all the impurity’s removed it will now absorb dirt and grime whilst breaking down any other deposits such as bird’s residue.

Unlike traditional methods where cleaning solution is used, there is no grime attracting residue left behind with pure water. Cleaning frequencies can be extended, and windows will noticeably remain cleaner for longer.

The introduction of the Waterfed pole has revolutionised one of the oldest trades.

Windows can be cleaned to the highest standard from the safety of the ground without the need for expensive access equipment. This method is quicker, safer and more efficient then traditional ladder and bucket window cleaning.

Our van mounted Waterfed pole system is fully mobile enabling us to operate from a static position with a 200 metre radius, we also operate from mobile trolley systems which allows us complete freedom of movement. Our tallest poles reaching a safe working height of 50ft giving us the ability to clean up to a three-story level.

Flow can be controlled, and pure water is pumped through microbore hose up carbon fibre poles to specialist window cleaning brushes. Frames and sills are cleaned first then the glass. Once all the dirt is removed the glass is then given a final rinse and then left to dry naturally without the need to squeegee.

Working Height regulations 2005

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 were introduced in a bid to prevent death and injury caused by falls from height, therefore minimising risks to workers.

Individuals and organisations have a legal responsibility to ensure that the Work at Height Regulations 2005 are implemented, and that all activity is properly planned, supervised and carried out by competent persons.

It is mandatory law to ensure that all protective equipment is provided and used when working at height.

They must also take all precautions to ensure that all activities are undertaken from a ground level where able to or all working surfaces are kept to a minimum so that the distances from these surfaces to the ground are restricted to a minimum to minimise the consequences of a fall.

Using Waterfed poles to clean windows is the safest method as we have our feet firmly on the ground at all times.