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Terms & Disclaimer


  • We operate on a four-week rolling rota. We cover the North East which means we are in different area each week.
  • We use Waterfed Pole Systems therefor there is no ladders used on your property. Your windows, frames and doors are all cleaned using pure water which are left to dry naturally with no smears.
  • Our work is weather dependant so if there is heavy rain or black ice we may be slightly late this is for safety reason and of course the standard of work.
  • If you have any complaints or notice any issues which we hope you don’t please do not hesitate to contact me directly to resolve this matter. We would ask that if there is a complaint that you allow us up to seven days to put this right, if you do not let us rectify any problems or issues and you cancel the service an initial clean charge will be added.
  • The price that you pay/have been quoted is based on your windows cleaned every four weeks. The charge for an initial clean start at £35.00 depending on the size of your property which is payable on the day.
  • We ask customers that if they cancel our services within six months or six cleans whichever comes first that they pay an initial clean charge as well as any payments made or outstanding this is due to the amount of time and manpower it takes to get your property to a high standard.
  • Our preferred method of payment is standing order however we accept cash, bank transfers and debit cards.
  • We would ask if you have padlocks or any changes to your property to stop our company gaining access to clean the windows that you would let us know.


  • Pure Clean do not accept liability for any scratches that may occur whilst cleaning your windows whether this be internal or external.
  • Unfortunately, sometimes there is excess dirt known as “fabricating debris” which sticks to glass that when removed can attach to the bristles on the Waterfed pole equipment or applicators on internal jobs, this debris can result in slight scratches to your windows on rare occasions. Such dirt can also be held in your frames and doors which again can be kept in the bristles which can be transferred to glass when cleaned.
  •  We do try to ensure that this does not happen however we cannot guarantee it.
  • If this does occur, then we do not accept any liability in anyway.
  • Therefor we do not accept any claims, actions, loses and expenses including attorney’s fees regarding the above.